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From Capo Palmeri to Punta sa Calada Bianca

Kit P3B

From Capo Palmeri to Punta sa Calada Bianca
From Capo Palmeri to Punta sa Calada Bianca
Kit P3B
Nautical chart
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Kit P3B - Area Pilot Book P3B
15 charts from Capo Palmeri to Punta sa Calada Bianca

The Nautical Chart for pleasure craft displays innovative features as for the material used and for dimensions: particularly suitable to be used on board of the watercraft whose navigation takes place merely along the coasts. 

Tecnical features:

-Size 500 x 335 mm: little bigger than a A3 sheet.

-Multicolor, according to the international standard of representation. 

-Print double-sided. Each sheet is composed of two charts, one for each page, following the criterion of proximity. 

The Nautical Chart for pleasure craft is made to be used for coastal navigation, covering a stretch of sea extending up to 6-8 miles from the coast.


Number Title Scale 1: Edition
7121 From Capo Palmeri to Scoglio S. Elmo 100000 02/15
7122 From Scoglio S. Elmo to S. Andrea 100000 04/15
7123 From Marina di Capitana to Capo di Pula 100000 06/15
7124 From Capo di Pula to Cala su Truccu 100000 02/13
7125 From Porto di Teulada to Capo Sperone 100000 01/13
7126 From Punta Menga to Portoscuso 100000 02/13
7127 From Portoscuso to Punta sa Calada Bianca 100000 02/13
7355 Coast of Cagliari 30000 02/16
7356 Coast of Cagliari - Installations 30000 02/16
7357 From Capo Spartivento to Punta delle Cannne 50000 10/15
7358 From Punta di Cala Piombo to Maladroxia 50000 10/15
7359 Toro Island and La Vacca Island 50000 10/15
7360 From S. Antioco to Punta Caragoli 50000 10/15
7365 Strait of San Pietro - South Zone 30000 10/15
7366 Strait of  San Pietro - North Zone 30000 10/15

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