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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at 777 Pilot books: my voyage of discovery



I was born and raised in Trieste, a port city on the Adriatic,

and the sea is in my blood. I have loved boats since I

was a child and now, at age 46, after an intense professional

career in tourism, I have finally managed to combine

my passion for the sea with my work, and feel reborn.

I started working with “Edizioni Magnamare”, a publishing

house specialising in nautical books and publisher of the

777 Pilot Books series, after I became fascinated by the

remarkable work undertaken by its patron Piero Magnabosco

and his team. A few months after our first encounter,

with my mind brimming with ideas, I persuaded my

family and my good friend Giuseppe that we should carry

forward this “mission”, started 18 years previously.

To keep the pilot books up-to-date, I soon realized that it

was absolutely vital to personally visit every area covered

(both harbours and anchorages) and that it could only

be done by sea, so as to understand the same winds, obstructions,

manoeuvres and difficulties that users of the

books could encounter. During my travels, I was charmed

by the surrounding areas of each port and by the encounters

with local professionals and other boat-owners,

from whom I gathered much valuable information and advice.

2nd June 2014: the day my life changed for good. I set

sail from San Vincenzo, with the fresh morning air and a

light breeze, and I haven't stopped since.

In summer and autumn 2015, I circumnavigated both Corsica

and Sardinia, collecting along my way a huge volume

of information, data and experiences that gave birth to this

new 777 Pilot book, a unique guide for a safe and inspiring cruise.

After Sardinia, in 2016 my journey continued towards

Malta and Sicily and also along the Italian Ionian coast,

collecting information for updating the two related pilots.

At the time of writing, June 2017, I am navigating

along the Italian Adriatic Coast, with Slovenia, Croatia, Albania

and Montenegro as my next destinations.

I would have never succeeded in this “mission” alone: I

thank my family for their support and love, even sometimes

from a distance; Alessandra and Tommaso, Sonia

and Giulia for their hard work and professionalism collecting

and organising all my records with passion and commitment;

my friend Gloria for her constant help and

support on-board, in sometimes challenging conditions....

and my two ever faithful canine crew, the short and

charming “Tender” and the tall elegant “Wally”.

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